World Heritage Sites

As of the end of 2019, there are 1121 World Heritage Sites as prescribed by UNESCO. 29 sites were included onto the list in 2019, an increase as compared the 19 that was included in 2018. The maximum number of sites were included in the year 2000, 61 to be specific. World Heritage Sites contributes directly to tourism as accreditation bring the site global recognition and tourist footfalls.

Benefits of a UNESCO World Heritage accreditation to a site:

  • Recognition: The site gets recognition world over. The status itself confirms that the site has outstanding and exceptional features.
  • Funding: The site gets funds from a global body for its protection and conservation.
  • Tourism: Once listed, it brings international attention to the site. Hence, ensures economic benefits to the nation.
  • Protection during wartime: The site becomes protected under Geneva convention against destruction or misuse during a war.
  • Resources: The site gets access to global project management resources, as they will be more willing to participate with a UNESCO World Heritage Site.