What is "Big Blue Road" ?

The Big Blue Road is your path to an ocean of new, unique and innovative possibilities in the marketplace.

Who Are We ?

Big Road is a Data-Driven Business Transformation Consultancy

We are in a fast-changing and evolving world that is unpredictable for organisations and individuals. The “usual way of doing business” is not a safe harbour. Innovation and transformation are key to pivot in these uncertain times.

At Big Blue Road, we believe in a data driven approach to facilitate transformation and ensure that individuals and businesses succeed.

With a focus on Travel & Tourism and Technology, Big Blue Road specialises in transforming businesses so that they can future proof themselves.

Why Big Blue Road ?

Big Blue Road is a specialist in Travel & Tourism and Technology.

Our Founder, Shawn Mendes, is widely acknowledged as an expert in the Travel & Tourism and Travel Technology industry. Having held executive roles and managed the business of many brands (Carnival, Expedia TAAP, Hertz, and more) in India, he has earned an excellent reputation for his in-depth knowledge on the entire spectrum of travel & tourism business.

Together with our Directors, Consultants, Partner Network and Board of Advisors – Big Blue Road has extensive experience across all areas of business providing strategy, direction, planning, implementation, advice, insights, education and mentoring to people and businesses at all stages, from start-up to well-established businesses.