What is "Big Blue Road" ?

The Big Blue Road is your path to an ocean of new, unique and innovative possibilities in the marketplace.

Our Services

We are in a fast-changing and evolving world that is unpredictable for organisations and individuals. The “usual way of doing business” is not a safe harbour. Innovation and transformation are key to pivot in these uncertain times.

Business Optimisation

We simplify the business processes of travel companies and infuse relevant technology to optimise the business

Marketing & Sales

We help travel companies maximise the ROI from their marketing & sales activities both "brick" and "click"

eLearning Platforms

Empower your team to learn from travel & tourism experts, develop skills to stay ahead of trends, and build for the future.

About Us

Big Road is a Data-Driven Business Transformation Consultancy

At Big Blue Road, we believe in a data driven approach to facilitate transformation and ensure low investment differentiation for our clients.

Industries We Service

Accomodation & Hotels



Car Rental


Enteratinment & Attractions


NGOs & Trusts

Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

Port & Airport

Tourism Organisations

Tourism Services

Tourist Guides & Tours

Tourist Information

Travel Agents & Tour Operators

Our Clients

Some Of Our Projects


Automated marketing, sales and operations for 60 offices and over 100 unique client processes


Digitising of documents and automation of document processes for over 20 different use cases


Gamification of the customer acquisition and activation process


Financial platform responsible for managing USD 30mn of transactions and all the associated processes


A self-help self-drive planning tool with over 1000 vetted routes across the globe


Sales force deployment over 3.2mn sq. km. with automated acquisition and activation processes and realtime linked incentive.

Our Resources