Flight charter to Goa always showed a steady increase trend. The 80’s were a steady inflow but the 90’s had a much greater growth in the FTAs through charters which was primarily attributed to the “newness” of the destination and the affordable nature with an European feel [reminiscence of a Portuguese colony].

2001-02 saw a sharp decline which is attributed to the follow-on effects of Y2K which began an economic recessions with the bursting of the dot com bubble. Further, the terror strike in USA which created a global ripple effect on travel and tourism as people were apprehensive of flights. The numbers showed a sharp increase only to show a major dip during the great recession of 2008.

2013-2014 has been the best year so far with 1128 flights bringing in 261452 tourists to the state. The following year saw a decline due to various reasons such as the pulling out Monarch and Condor from the Goa charter operations and the travel ban imposed on Russian nationals to protect their foreign exchange export.


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